Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saddam had no NBC weapons...

...except for Sarin gas, Mustard gas and at least two mobile Biological Weapon production laboratories (designed to circumvent UN inspection).

Here are pictures and information on the two BW labs:


There's also plenty of evidence that NBC weapons and weapon-related research and development activities were hastily destroyed and/or hidden in the run-up to the invasion. Still, these labs are the most damning of the evidence found.

Here's some information on the Sarin gas shell found and why it was probably made after the first Gulf War (i.e. in violation of the ceasefire agreement):


Here's info on the Mustard Gas. It probably WAS left over from the first Gulf War. It's still a chemical weapon floating around in Iraq though:


He had plenty of uranium too, including some which was moderately enriched. Not enough to make a bomb, but part of the way there, and he also had hidden the equipment necessary to finish the bomb-making process. Still, most of this was probably known from the inspection days. Supposedly the IAEA put it under a "seal". I guess he was waiting for the inspectors to go away before he resumed the production of nuclear weapons:


This is all stuff that for whatever reason wasn't destroyed or hidden prior to or during the invasion. I wonder what they really had? Maybe some of it was hidden in a friendly neighbouring country like Syria?

I found all these easily on google.

Now, repeat after me...

Saddam had no WMD...

Once again, with feeling!

Update: this article by "Gay Patriot" links to a UN report detailing the evidence which shows that much of Iraq's NBC weapon and missile components were smuggled out of Iraq before and during the invasion.


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