Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Intellectual Dishonesty

I think I've finally done it. I no longer identify with the left side of politics any more.

Not that I ever really did, but in the past it was the most natural fit for me. Not any more.

I am not the smartest person in the world, nor am I always right. But at least I don't frequently state things I know to be untrue in order to smear someone whom I don't particularly like.

I don't like George Bush or Dick Cheney very much. I don't particularly like John Howard either, although I've started to think he's not all that bad. But I can not abide those who will do anything, not only including but especially lying and slandering in order to bring down their political opponents.

Oh sure, it's politics, some people will say. Well, that may be the case while you keep your smears to the politicians. But when the smear extends to fully half the population, that's just too much. Why am I vilified for defending someone who I may not like, but who happens to be correct? Why do people on the left think the truth doesn't matter any more - while at the same time raising a stink when they claim someone they oppose has lied?

It's just pathetic. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms to be made about Bush & Co. Why stoop to making stuff up?

I've had enough. The ignorance and the lies have to stop. Now that I have the choice between people I don't agree with, but who at least appear to be somewhat honest, and those who are straight-out liars, I'm going to choose the former. At least there is honor.


At 5:08 AM, Blogger blogagog said...

I for one am very happy to hear it! Glad to have you on te side of the good guys :). But, assuming you are Australian, I would trade you Bush for Howard any day!

I do like Bush kinda, and love Cheney, but Howard speaks so clearly the message that I support, and he thinks on his feet very well. He is clearly a better leader.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Nicholas said...

Yeah, Howard is a decent guy and he's not a bad leader. I think he is too obsessed with stark fiscal policy, but I can't argue that he's done anything particularly bad on that front yet.

His Industrial Relations reform bothers me a lot. I think he's wrong on that one. But the fact is, his opposition is practically non-existent. They have almost nothing constructive to say and nobody I could imagine being a great leader.

In fact, some of Howard's best attributes are shared with his predecessor who was from the opposition party. He will say what he thinks and he will try to do what he thinks is best for the country even if it seems unpopular. That takes courage and I think it will pay off in the end.

I'm not sure how I feel about the term limits you have. I think they're good and bad. It's good that nobody can get too entrenched, but it's bad if there are no good alternatives candidates and the president is unable to run for another term.

Then again, out of 300 million people there should be plenty of good candidates for President. But somehow the choices you get never seem all that great :) If I was American I don't think I would have voted for Bush but I suspect at this point I would have been sorry I hadn't. It turns out he has some qualities which did not seem useful at the time but are now.

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Steve Schippert said...

Now see? It is possible to agree to disagree. Your assessment is absolutely dead solid perfect.

Yes, I am a staunch conservative. But I agree with you wholeheartedly...and it applies to both left and right. You've identified those on the left well. On the right, we have the types who hype events and threats rather than simply bring them tothe attention of people. That causes the exact opposite effect: It drives people away and the threat is perceived then to be as full of 'hooey' as the speaker/writer who is hyperventilating.

Well said, sir.


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